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Earth and Space


To make personal development as important to humans as oxygen is to life.

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Owner and Managing Director

With over a decade of senior leadership experience, coupled with meaningful life and business achievements, Ricky launched Raising Your Game with the purpose of offering valuable services for those seeking to take their personal and business goals to the next level.

As a results driven and effective behavioural change specialist, his passion for leading by example and remaining dedicated to an individual or team’s success is noticeable through his achievements within Training & Consultancy, Financial Services, Retail and managing his own business.


Ricky’s dedication towards continuous personal development and a desire to support others in exceeding their potential is evident when delivering behavioural change results. He brings a refreshing dynamic to his approach utilising his Senior Management experience and knowledge as a certified Meta International Trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and PPA (Personal Profile Analysis) Practitioner.  


Committed to his ethos that ‘the only true measurement of change, is a shift in behaviour’, you will notice how he chooses a curious and flexible mindset to live from and seeks to empower others to achieve their goals through congruent behaviours.


Ricky's commitment is to share his knowledge and experience, offering tools and techniques that allow you to change or enhance the way you think, feel, behave, communicate and generate results...Raising Your Game!

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Certified by both Meta International and the International Trainers Association, Amy is an NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer, Coach and LYT Yoga Teacher on a mission to help people reconnect to their inner leader in order to live an authentic and purpose driven life. 


An advocate for empowered, embodied and aligned living, Amy believes that our biggest asset is ourselves, a belief that she demonstrates through her dedication to her own ongoing personal development journey. 


Working with both body and mind and having spent over 15 years in Senior HR and Operations roles, Amy has developed a wide range of tools and techniques that create awareness of how we hold ourselves back, and more importantly, what we can do to step into our full potential. 


Amy’s wide ranging mix of experience, integrated mind and body approach, and willingness to share her own vulnerabilities and personal development journey, creates an authentic style of delivery that inspires, educates, and entertains.


John-Paul Eaton is an experienced Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, certified by Meta International, the International Trainers Association, and is an accredited BGI ‘Strategy on a Page’ CCM (Coach/Consultant/Mentor).


John-Paul works in a variety of ambassadorial, leadership, and consulting positions within fun and exciting start-ups, social enterprises, and charities; offering coaching, strategic direction and networking opportunities. All of which allows John-Paul to actively pursue his purpose of ‘inspiring a growth mind-set, in an open loop system of accelerated learning.’


To compliment his work with organisations, John-Paul continues to grow as a transformational guide for private clients. He utilises NLP and generative coaching techniques to allow clients to explore the conscious and subconscious minds in harmony. With the conscious and subconscious minds acting in partnership, clients are able to explore the quantum field of infinite possibilities. 


John-Paul is also the creator of The Purposeful Profile, the culmination of a decade of people management experience and the utilisation of NLP tools and techniques, to enhance and accelerate an individual’s self-awareness and the elicitation of their ‘Purpose’ and ‘Values’. John-Paul has observed the importance of values in both personal and business relationships. It is our values that allow us to build the strong foundations for healthy and sustainable relationships.


John-Paul has always had a fascination with ‘why people do what they do’ and a desire to help and serve others. He carries the desire to clear the path for others to achieve their potential and it is this innate ability along with his enthusiasm, experience and extensive knowledge that makes him a great asset to RYG and we are grateful to have him part of our team.

"We  provide the content, you define the value!"

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