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We provide Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training, Coaching and Mentoring, offering a collection of tools and techniques that allow learners to explore how we know what we know and more specifically, how we construct our ‘Map of the world’ through our senses (Neuro), use language (Linguistic) and code behaviour (programming). Utilising this modelling technology, our programmes offer to enhance or change the way you think, feel, behave, communicate and generate results.


Our NLP programmes are led by Ricky Virdee, who has over 10 years of practical experience utilising NLP within public and corporate settings.  As part of his continuous journey of self-application, integration and application, Ricky has been certified by two of the three NLP co-creators and is an NLP Meta International Trainer, endorsed personally by Frank Pucelik (NLP co-creator). Our NLP Practitioner courses are Meta International certified. 

Having trained, coached and mentored clients with various intentions, results show that those who have embarked on the journey of NLP and successfully applied their learning, have made significant progress in raising their performance, irrespective of their occupation or background.

NLP Training

NLP Coaching

  • One-to-one NLP coaching

  • Coach the Coach

Mentoring for

  • Certified Practitioners

  • Advanced / Master Practitioners

  • NLP Trainers

  • NLP Business owners

NLP Topic areas include (list not exhaustive):

Delivery 1_edited_edited.jpg
  • Presuppositions of NLP

  • Present to Desired state

  • Well-formed outcomes

  • State management

  • Rapport

  • Pacing and Leading

  • Sensory Acuity

  • Calibration

  • Representational Systems

  • Epistemology

  • Perceptual positions

  • Submodalities

  • Meta Model

  • Milton Model

  • Anchoring

  • Strategies

  • Framing and Re-Framing

  • Advanced Re-framing

  • Chunking

  • Neurological levels

  • Coaching with NLP

  • Parts Integration

  • Quantum Linguistics

  • Modelling

To discuss options in greater detail, please contact us. We will explore your intentions and requirements to offer the most appropriate solution.

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