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(2024 Weekends only course) 

Module 1: 26th & 27th January

Module 2: 16th & 17th February

Module 3: 8th & 9th March

Module 4: 29th & 30th March


Great Cumberland Place,

London, W1H 7DL



Focusing on high quality engagement

Welcome to our NLP Practitioner course (Meta International Certified)!

Our eight-day Neuro Linguistic Programming course is held in Central London, scheduled over four weekends, limited in group size and led by Ricky Virdee (Meta International NLP Trainer).


NLP can and is used within a wide range of contexts, ranging from business, sales, marketing, managing teams, public speaking, enhancing communication skills, negotiating, creating personal change, relationships, improving health, phobia cure, therapeutic interventions and much more.

This course is open to anyone seeking tools and techniques to change and enhance the way you think, feel, behave, communicate and generate results. If this resonates with you, then our NLP Practitioner programme will provide you with the skills to achieve the quality of life you desire.

Core syllabus includes:

NLP major beliefs, utilisation within change work.

Epistemology, how we process information and know what we know.

Rapport, developing and maintaining someone’s attention and their responsiveness.

Representational Systems, how we construct information.

Calibration, ability to notice and measure nonverbal communication.

Perceptual positions, utilising filters to enhance the quality of information available.

Managing States, recognising, managing and creating desirable states.

NLP Language Patterns, enhancing our verbal communication internally and externally.

Framing and Reframing, ability to create linguistic flexibility.

Submodalities, utilising the structure of internal representations to create desirable change.

Anchoring, use of change formats to create and manage states.

Working with metaphors, appealing to the unconscious mind.

Strategies, recognising patterns and editing sequence of behaviour.

Neurological levels, recognising the level at which to manage and create change.

Goal Setting, Creating well-formed conditions to achieve desired outcomes.

Coaching with NLP, useful frameworks to conduct change work.

We highly recommend contacting us before securing your place to discuss your intention for attending.

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Ricky Virdee

Ricky is an experienced Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming and personally certified by one of the NLP co-creators, Frank Pucelik (Meta International). This is also complimented by his Practitioner qualification, certified by NLP co-creator John Grinder (International Trainers Association).

Setting himself high personal standards, Ricky has invested in himself to ensure he has the credentials, experience and competency to offer high quality training. With over 10 years of utilising the tools and techniques of NLP, Ricky has trained and coached over a thousand clients publicly (courses and 1:1) and within professional environments (corporate training). This includes clients with different levels of experience, backgrounds and occupations, e.g. NLP Practitioners, Coaches, Business Owners, Managers, Parents, Teachers and Entrepreneurs.


Ricky has over 12 years of Senior Management experience within Retail and Financial Services, with achievements ranging from the UK’s top performing coach at HSBC to launching Raising Your Game in April 2016, This allows Ricky to offer numerous first hand examples of how NLP can and is applied within different contexts.

From his experience, most attend to enhance the quality of their own life, raise competency and improve performance within their field of work. Very few attend to start their own NLP Training company.

“You are your own client!”



To maintain high levels of interaction and quality, we limit the group size to 

16 delegates.








Or contact us to arrange a monthly payment plan that works for you - we are flexible!



Please complete our contact form or contact us directly on 07788 888 313, to discuss your questions in detail.

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Hear what past attendees have said about their experience



What is NLP?


NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is a modelling technology and the study of how we process information, use language to structure thoughts and generate behaviour. You may come across numerous definitions, including variations from the co-creators themselves.


Our definition is “A modelling technology that offers you tools and techniques to change or enhance the way you think, feel, behave, communicate and generate results – raising your game!”


Is there any pre-requisite learning?


No, you are not required to read, listen to or attend any course in advance of attendance.


What is the group size?


We limit the group size to 16, to maintain high levels of quality and interaction. Experienced NLP Coaches will also be in attendance to support.


Are there any additional fees attached?


No, this is the full course price and includes refreshments, learning material and certification. 


Will Ricky be facilitating for the full duration?  


Yes. Ricky will be present during the full course as the lead facilitator. Experienced NLP trainers/coaches may be in attendance and deliver alongside Ricky.


Will we have access to the Ricky before and after the course? 


Ricky will speak to EVERY client personally before they attend, to understand the intentions and answer any questions. Ricky will welcome further discussion post completion of the course and arrange practice groups to support further learning, integration and application.


Will I receive a certificate?


Yes. You will receive a ‘Meta International’ certificate upon successful completion (Signed by NLP co-creator, Frank Pucelik). Full attendance is required.


Is this the right course for me?


We recommend you email to discuss your personal intentions for attending. Ricky will personally contact you and review whether this is the best course to meet your requirements.


Why is this course split into modules?


We know from experience how beneficial it is to attending a course in this format, as you will be able to integrate and apply what you have learnt between each module. This approach also allows you to connect with those in attendance to review, reflect and practice your learning.


What if I miss a day / module?


Please contact us at if you are aware of any days you may miss in advance. Each case will be reviewed individually; please do note that you will be required to complete the full course content to be certified.


Is there an option to attend a weekday course?


Not at present. With over 15 years of experience supporting, facilitating and delivering NLP courses, we recognise that there is a higher demand for weekend (modular) courses. This also ensures Ricky’s full availability, avoiding any missed days through corporate client work.


Can I send my team?


Yes. Many teams benefit from attending together, as they build deeper relationships, learn together and embark on a new journey together. Ricky has trained many teams who have attended an NLP Practitioner course collectively, ranging from Estate Agency teams, Recruitment Consultant teams, Change Management teams, Learning and Development teams.


Will lunch be provided?


Lunch is not provided, yet refreshments will be made available throughout the course. The venue is also located within a few minutes’ walk from Oxford Street, where you will find many eateries.

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