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A dynamic team of behavioural change specialists delivering the difference that makes the difference! Utilising a curious outlook, we maximise daily opportunities to learn, integrate and apply our new found knowledge. This outlook combined with a flexible approach and a desire to create choice, enables us to offer our experience to others. Our PURPOSE is to provide you with the best solutions, tailored to your requirements whilst Raising Your Game!


Training, Consultancy, Coaching and Public Courses to support clients achieve measurable performance improvements. Whether you are looking for personal or business solutions, you will notice the impact and PASSION as we fulfil what is important to you and create sustainable results. Knowing how important it is to invest in ourselves, choosing the right company with the right experience is as important as the solutions. For specific services, click here.


As we all know, one constant on this rock flying through space is ‘change’. The difference that makes the difference is our ability to adapt to change, raise PERFORMANCE and take purposeful action. It is nice to know that ‘success’ is blind and does not care who you are.... meaning that the introduction of effective behaviours daily, will allow anyone to create their own success. We invite everyone to think well and become an action addict!

"Ricky has the knowledge skills and experience to support everyone in the business – from the Executive team (who regularly meet with Ricky one to one) and Senior Management Team to members of staff, to whom we have offered individual coaching sessions, a group team building and several workshops. His contribution is acknowledged by all, and is much appreciated. He is also good at follow up – seeking always to ensure that we act on what we have discussed and agreed.
Ricky is easy to work with, approachable and responsive. I have no hesitation in recommending him to you."

Jamie Harrison - Deputy Director General, LCIA

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