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SATURDAY 29th April 2017

1 day event

9am till 5pm


 We choose to limit the group

size to MAXIMUM 50 


Bryanston Street,

London, W1H 7EH


Are you searching for an event that does NOT relentlessly upsell other products and courses?

Are you looking to attend an event that offers proven tools and techniques AT THE EVENT?

Are you ready to discover and EXPERIENCE the difference that will make the difference, RAISING YOUR GAME?

Are you ready to upgrade your software and become the best version of yourself?


We know from first-hand experience how valuable it is to attend an event that offers proven strategies, delivered by competent and congruent trainers, who themselves demonstrate what they say through their own behaviours!

With the explosive combination of Ricky, Rhys and Llewellyn, you will receive a day filled with valuable content, high levels of energy and relatable life examples to contextualise what you learn.

To maximise engagement, the day combines both theoretical exploration and practical exercises.


If you are looking for an event that will allow you to change or enhance the way you think, feel, behave, communicate and generate results, we invite you to secure your place and look forward to meeting you in person!



Explore your own mindset, recognise limiting thought patterns and CHOOSE useful interventions to empower results.

Recognise LANGUAGE that can either move us towards or away from our intentions.

Review what is important to you and take ACTION to maximise fulfilment.

Utilise tools and techniques to identify HOW we do what we do and integrate meaningful steps to achieve our desired outcomes.

Introduce empowering behaviours to create lasting CHANGE and achieve those delayed goals.




Llewellyn Davies

Following an incredible journey from Professional Football, International Amateur and Professional Boxing to Bodybuilding, Mentoring, Business Coaching, Motivational Speaking, writing and acting, Llewellyn REALLY does know what it takes to go from humble beginnings to extraordinary success.

After creating life changing success in Amateur Boxing, Llewellyn fought the #3 World Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist. This was to be a major turning point in his mindset, realising that "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!"

At the age of 27, alongside his twin Rhys, they broke into the Worldwide fitness industry, becoming sponsored athletes, creating multiple brands and producing a full range of their own product lines. They have also been booked for a series of TV work and recently screen tested for one of the world’s biggest entertainment brands (WWE), appearing alongside Triple H and Kane for Smackdown and RAW.

Llewelyn now trains numerous individuals, athletes and executive teams to create life-altering and lasting change. He is one of the most in-demand Motivational Speakers, appearing internationally and around the country at both corporate and fitness related events.

“Understanding that there is NO such thing as limitation, will be the key to everyone's success in this life!”

Rhys Davies


From a young age, Rhys exuded an abundant level of energy that needed to be channeled to ensure he pursued a desirable path and one that would maximise his potential. Holding a strong belief that “if you are willing to go out and get it, then anyone can win in life”, Rhys began his early career as professional footballer playing for Preston North End. 


As this chapter came to its end, Rhys faced a critical decision that would act as a catalyst for many years to come. He joined the British Armed Forces. His powerful and dedicated attitude, combined with the controlled and structured format of army life, resulted in Rhys becoming Corporal Davies, 1st Battalion Grenadier Guard. Whilst on active duty, Rhys also discovered his talent for boxing, becoming an extremely successful fighter and winning many titles. This continued after life in the army, winning the ABA Welsh National Title, catching the attention of promoters like Frank Warren and contesting in 10 pro fights (8W / 1D / 1L).


Rhys decided to swap the ring for the chance to create his own business and went into a venture that saw himself and his twin, Llewellyn, play a huge role in the UK & world fitness scene. They became sponsored athletes, creating multiple supplement brands and producing a full range of their own product lines. You might also recognise Rhys from various TV, film, fitness modeling and commercial work. His most recent project being a role filmed in Dubai alongside Nicole Kidman, starring as her bodyguard.


Alongside multiple business ventures, Rhys is one of the UK’s most well-respected mindset and performance coaches. An accredited coach and qualified NLP practitioner, he is proud to be known for his ‘positively assertive’ style, which sees him coaching high-net worth individuals, athletes, investors and executive teams to help create life-altering and lasting change, fast.

"Anything worth having, is worth working hard for!"

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To maintain quality and value per each attendee, we limit the group size to MAXIMUM 50 attendees.

Invest in



Or Email us to arrange an interest free split payment.



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