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1 day event

9.30am till 4.30pm


 We limit the group size to 



Bryanston Street,

London, W1H 7EH

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Ricky Virdee

With over twelve years of senior leadership experience, coupled with meaningful life and business achievements, Ricky launched Raising Your Game with the purpose of offering valuable services for those seeking to take their personal and business goals to the next level.


As a results driven and effective behavioural change specialist, Ricky’s passion for leading by example and remaining dedicated to an individual or team’s success is noticeable through his achievements.  His commitment towards continuous personal development and a desire to support others in unlocking their potential is evident when delivering behavioural change training, as he brings a refreshing dynamic to his approach utilising his senior leadership experience and knowledge as a certified Trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). 


During this workshop, Ricky will be covering the Milton Model to help enhance how we communicate and influence others with integrity.

“To say you know and not demonstrate through behaviour, is not to know!

Welcome to the POWER OF LANGUAGE

I know you’re wondering what this workshop is all about and it is great that you are curious to know more, which means you are keen to find a workshop that creates additional value in your day-to-day life.

As you continue to read this and consider the benefits of attending, you will notice how this workshop will contribute towards your personal and professional skillset.

The language patterns we explore and practice during the workshop, enables anyone to become more effective with their communication, both internally (self-talk) and externally (with others).

We all know how powerful words are and as you know, once spoken cannot be taken back. This being said, recognising how we can shift the structure of our words and say what we mean, enhances our ability to communicate more effectively and with additional clarity… a life skill worth developing, wouldn’t you agree?

During our last workshop, one delegate mentioned a speech he heard from an Olympic gold medalist, who quoted his coach saying that “the catalyst of all your results, starts with the words you use daily”.



Learn a set of language patterns and the origins of the Milton Model

Explore each language pattern and linked examples

Practice the language patterns in groups, using various scenarios

Leave with an understanding of each language pattern and the applied benefits


​How the structure of language creates power

Manage and influence self talk

Communicate with additional clarity

Enhance presentation and public speaking skills

Effectively negotiate and influence with integrity

Enhance rapport with key stakeholders

Advance your written communication

Sharpen your coaching skills


Alongside many more examples of how these language patterns will benefit you.


If you are keen to explore these language patterns, then I invite you to join our one-day workshop and become more consciously aware of the words you use daily.



To maintain quality and value per attendee, we limit the group size to MAXIMUM 20.

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(47% discount applied: was £47)

You will receive a confirmation email securing your place upon receipt of payment. 



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