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1 day event

9.30am till 4.30pm


 We limit the group size to 



Bryanston Street,

London, W1H 7EH

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Ricky Virdee

With over twelve years of senior leadership experience, coupled with meaningful life and business achievements, Ricky launched Raising Your Game with the purpose of offering valuable services for those seeking to take their personal and business goals to the next level.


As a results driven and effective behavioural change specialist, Ricky’s passion for leading by example and remaining dedicated to an individual or team’s success is noticeable through his achievements.  His commitment towards continuous personal development and a desire to support others in unlocking their potential is evident when delivering behavioural change training, as he brings a refreshing dynamic to his approach utilising his senior leadership experience and knowledge as a certified Trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). 


“To say you know and not demonstrate through behaviour, is not to know!

Do you allow the calendar to dictate when you start your goals?

Do you find yourself setting goals, starting them and then lose motivation to continue?

Do you set one goal and then focus on something else?

Do you allow your mindset to halt your progress?

Do you feel you can do more to get better results?



A one-day workshop, offering you an opportunity to explore your goals, receive techniques to maintain motivation, manage your mindset and set well-formed conditions to achieve those desired outcomes.


We know from first-hand experience how important it is to set well-formed goals and enjoy the journey whilst achieving them. We are also very aware of how frustrating it can be to set goals and then drop them, knowing you could have done more.

At this time of year, it is very common for people to use the New Year as their reason to set and start new goals. Whilst we will always encourage goal setting, we strongly believe that the calendar does not dictate when you start your goals and that you control your calendar. This workshop is not about setting New Year Resolutions; however, your are invited to attend should your New Year Resolutions begin to fade away.


Resolution: A decision to do or not do something


During this workshop, we will have a day filled with theoretical exploration and practical exercises, offering high levels of engagement and valuable content.



Explore your mindset, recognise limiting thoughts and CHOOSE useful interventions to generate results.

Recognise language that moves you towards or away from your goals.

Review what is most important to you and take ACTION to maximise fulfilment.

Introduce behaviours to create lasting CHANGE and achieve your desired outcomes.


If you are keen to explore your goals, then I invite you to join our one-day workshop and begin your journey of consistently achieving results.



To maintain quality and value per attendee, we limit the group size to MAXIMUM 20.

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You will receive a confirmation email securing your place upon receipt of payment. 



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